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hello I am getting married next year

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    How can we help?

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Walking trip - Coffs Hinterland
I am planning a walking trip through the Coffs/Dorego Hinterland.  There is that world heritage park there.  Has anyone done it?  and can anyone suggest where is would go for the equipment for the trip.  Also could someone suggest the right boots for a trip like that.  We’re planning 20kms per day. 

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    It was debated many years ago before they decided on Canberra, to make Dorrigo the capital of Australia. The walking tracks are not too bad anywhere here BUT, we get at times one hell of a lot of rain. Depending on when you do it always factor that in and if the weather is warmer, leech proof yourself. In Dorrigo itself, there is the Sky walk, an in the treetops walk. This also has some nice tracks that would be a good primer. They also do night tours to see the wildlife. Dangar Falls are 5 minutes out of Dorrigo too.

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State to federal - Why
I’m interested in the fact that Rob wants to move from state government to federal. What expertise and experience does he have from his state government experience that makes him useful in federal government?

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    Hopefully plenty. There is a lot of interface (good and bad) between State and Federal, so I am hoping this will assist a lot. A couple of local examples is the Pacific Highway works going on at the moment between Coopernook and Herons Creek. This is a jointly funded program between Commonwealth and State. By comparison, the Coopernook By-pass was all State funded. On that road, some is state only, some combined. Likewise the Cancer unit in Port was funded by both state and federal, and therefore I have been involved in a lot of issues that overlap. They are the positives. On the negatives, after twelve years, it has been incredibly frustrating seeing the continuation of the 'blame game' between state and federal, and it is an area I would really like to explore and try and help resolve. Those basic government structures, and governments and their individual departments working in 'silos' is a problem that still continues. It would be great to get in and have a go at changing this. Also, in regional areas like ours, the Independent model at a State level has worked with a majority Government and there is no reason the same model can't work federally. In the last state budget, we received for the year $345 million into capital works locally, compared with $96 million in the electorate right next door. Independents do deliver! And finally, having spoken to Tony Windsor, Bob Katter, and having read the late Peter Andrens work, the concept of independenCE within the national policy debate is critical. Vested interests, lobby groups, and the almighty dollar are buying outcomes, and this needs to change with more independenCE. I hope this answers the question.

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Romantic dining
My wife and I are doing a roadtrip.  We plan on spending a night in Coffs Harbour.  Any suggestions from a local on a nice romantic place to eat and to stay.  A lot of the dining and accommodation seems to be family orientated.  We want a romantic stay and a dinner in a quiet environment.

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    Simon If you could afford the luxury of a detour, it is about an hour off Pacific Highway, the turnoff is just prior to Coffs, I would suggest Misty's in Dorrigo. They also do accommodation with just the one facility. The food at the restaurant is to die for plus the experience is very intimate. You can take the " back " road then to Grafton, depending on the overall nature / goal of your trip. If it must be Coffs, the restaurant at the Bonville Golf Course is great. Accommodation, I don't know about romantic but the Quality Inn is clean, the Novotel Resort is good plus they have a great nine hole golf course if that is your poison. Or plenty of National Parks, a tent, the stars, a prawn on the barbie, a bottle of cab merlot.....

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Bike ride
Hey I hear there is a big bike ride out of Canberra.  I think it’s the pollies ride.  When is it and who knows anything about it.  I can’t find it on the web because I’m not sure what to search for.

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fitch fuel catalyst
Hi Bill i have read alot of reports on the fitch on the explore oz site and various motor sites and everyone has been negative towards you product with no substantial evidence to back up its claims,i have no problems spending the money to install your product on my v8 diesel 4wd but if the claims of fuel savings are not correct does the customer get a refund back , with so much negative feed back ,which must be hurting sales of the fitch product,why hasn’t one been offered to a customer not accociated with you to put it to a proper test

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Fine Dining
I am coming up to Port for a weekend.  I want to take my wife out for dinner.  I’d like a quiet romantic place with a hearty winter menu and a good wine list.  Any recommendations.

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    Hi Simon, Michelin Star chef, Charlie Rushton, runs Coast Bar and Cafe. The menu is "modern Australian" with some intersting twists and the food is excellent and well-priced. If you are looking for a hearty winter meal, try the braised oxtail ... mmm mmm. The service can be a bit sullen but it can be hard to find good people ... Charlie usually works on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays, so book early if you want to try food by one of Australia's most decorated chefs. Fusion 7, on Horton St, also has a lovely "modern Australian" menu with favourites such as soft-shell crab, duck, atlantic salmon with some really interesting jus and accompaniments.  Make sure you have edamame as an appetiser ... I love the simplicity of it and a great way to get the appetite kicking along. Service is friendly. Ca Marche at Cassegrain is a lovely lunch venue and has some fabulous desserts. Scampi's (I have not been there but have heard excellent reviews), on the water at the marina has a fantastic seafood menu. I walked past there yesterday and there was a big sign in th window describing the most amazing seafood platter for two .... mmm.  

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National Tree Day
Nat Tree Day is on Sunday. Is there anything happening in the Highlands? Where do we go to get involved?

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    The site to find details of where tree planting areas are is ... If you go to the 'find a site' area at you will see that there is tree planting at ... Berry, Picton, Goulburn. Wollongong. Our family is off to plant trees in the morning at our local soccor field.  

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Fitch Fuel Catalyst
Who would like to have a permanent fuel price reduction of 10% for life. If yes call 42955949.Well after a month and no answers it becomes obvious nobody looks at this site,or everyone who drives is a millionair???

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    I can only speak for myself but I'm sure my thoughts mirror those of many other people in the community. What I've come to realise is if it sounds too good to be true it generally is, in fact I've personally never experienced an exception to this observation. If this device really worked why wouldn't all the car manufacturers fit them to new vehicles? Lets face it this would be a valuable marketing tool. Also I would expect Fleet Owners to be purchasing them by the truck load because their business is based around the most efficient vehicle operation possible. To date, as far as I am aware, neither of the previously mentioned groups has purchased this device in quantity. I am however looking forward to receiving news (and of course details which allow me to substantiate any claims) that prove my lack of belief to be totally unfounded. When I do receive this type of feedback I will be more than happy to make a purchase and will sing the praises of this remarkable invention. Until such time I will keep my hard earned money and hope that us normal vehicle driving millionaires are once again left in peace.

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    I have a landrover discovery 2000 what sort of results should I expect if I use your catalyst in it. Currently I have to mortgage my mother to pay for the fuel consumption.

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Landscape photography courses online?
Can anyone recommend a landscape photography course that includes critiques from a qualified professional that I can do online or by correspondence?

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    Ken Duncan is a respected landscape photographer.  He does workshops.  You'll find the details on his website

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    It may seem old fashioned but I think you can;t go past a good book and some photo magazines at you local library. Also, start taking lots of photos if you have digital camera, as all it costs is your time and very little money, unlike the film era of not so very long ago

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    I think Cengage have hose courses.  Also there is an Australian photographer than does pamoramas.  He's quite famous.  I am sure he does courses.


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