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Chicken Coop
I am planning to buid a chicken run and coop in the new year. Do you have any experience, suggestions, resources you think would be helpful to a someone new to this? Coop design? Feeding? Recommended breeds? Protective enclosures? Any informations, links would be good?

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Funnel Ants in the lawn
Hey, like most of us living in Byron, I have a lawn full of funnel ants (the ones that make the annoying sandcastles daily). Has anyone found an effective non toxic solution to eliminating these.  So far I have tried many suggestions without success. I am interested in natural and effective solutions.  All my neighbours who have clear lawns us residual pesticides. Can you help?

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Romantic dining
I am coming to Wagga for a weekend with my wife.  Where do local go for a quiet romantic place to eat.  Not too expensive and I don’t mind the style of food.  

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shopping centre
can anyone answer me on who is building the new shopping mall in orange. The site is currently where Franklins is. Will JB HIFI be going there?  

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    I think it is a redevelopment of the Summer Centre (which is currently a small, single-storey mall at the top of the main street ).  Can't find out anything about JB Hi-Fi. Couple of relevant links are:   

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Hi, I need to buy a 20" shipping container in Kununurra and have it shipped to Cooktown North Queensland after I have loaded it, I need to know where to buy the container and who can transport it to Cairns and a Quote for the service, thanks, Sean Mcnulty. 

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    Hi there is a business called they sell these things and will deliver them anywhere.  They will sell new or used ones.  

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Cycle clubs/fun rides
can anyone tell me what cycle clubs or groups there are in Orange ?My partner Philip would like to ride with other people, preferably middle-aged or younger.Thanks ebony

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    We have one listed on OurPatch   Might be a good idea to talk to a cycling shop in Orange.  

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File powder
Does anyone know where I can buy file powder for making Gumbo here in Australia. I can get it online direct from New Orleans but the postage is crippling and there may be a specialist shop around that sells it? Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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Need three quotes
I need to get a few different quotes for some large-scale printing jobs and wouldprefer to deal with locals. Can anyone recommend someone?

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    I have personally dealt with Chrysalis Printing a lot and can highly recommend Peter for his attention to detail and excellent customer service. In terms of getting other quotes, take a look at the directory pages on Ourpatch - browse the printing section which is under professional services and you will find a few names there. There is even a "click to call" feature whcih will allow you to call the business directly, at no cost to you, and make your enquiry.

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Steiner or Montessori
Does anyone know if there is a Steiner or Montessori school near Port? We are moving to th area and are looking for an alternative to public education for our primary-aged kids and preschooler.

  • February_08_005_small
    There are not any Montessori or Steiner schools in Port. The closest is a Steiner playgroup in Wauchope or the Steiner primary school in Taree. If you are looking for an alternative to public schools, there are a couple of church based schools (Catholic, Anglican and Seventh Day Adventist) as well as a little, non-denominational school called Heritage Christian School which is nice because it is small and has a "boutiquey" feel.

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    Hi, there is also a Montessori preschool / playgroup in Wauchope for ages 3-6. It's only one day a week at this stage depending on numbers etc for growth in the future.

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    Hi Lea, Just saw your request for a Steiner school in Port and wondered what you finally decided to do. Did you take your children to Taree?  There must be a number of people interested, in Port, as I was once told by strangers, at a market, of a demand.  When I said my children had attended a Steiner school, and I had taught in a Steiner school, (and have been a state school teacher & Principal), I was asked if I'd be interested in starting one in this area.  At that time I was not in a position to do so, being a Mum with young children (including one with special needs) but now that my children are older, I am more interested in considering undertaking such a commitment. I have done some research into obtaining government funding and am currently studying educational leadership hoping to use my skills in this area, again, in the near future. Perhaps we could use this forum to get a list of names & email addresses of potential parents and staff so that we can see if there are enough people to support a Steiner, or similar community school?  Would you be interested?  Regards, Solutions

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    hi. i found this thread while searching for the best educational options for my two children when we move to port Macquarie in the next year.  I was actually looking for a primary school with a gifted/talented program as my son is in Kindy and our current school is having trouble accomidating him.  i have always been interested in the steiner philosophy.  My younger daugheter (age 3) is also advanced, but is a much different type of learner.  I am definately interested in finding out more if there is talk of starting a steiner school in the area.

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    Hi, I am a mother of a 4 year old son with special needs and although he is bright it isn't in a conventional or mainstream way.  I also have two three year old boys and would definately be interested in either a Steiner or Montessori program for my children.

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    Hi I know this post was a few years ago but I have been looking into schools in port as we are moving there and our kids currently go to a steiner school in melbourne. Our kids go to a steiner stream school which is funded by the government and located on the same grounds as a mainsteam school so ita half steiner and half main stream. I know the nsw government dont acknowledge this method but I would be interested to know what would change their minds. I was wondering what you all decided on for education in port? And if anyyhing further happened with starting up a steiner school? Thanks

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    This is an old post but we are considering relocating across to coastal NSW with Port high on the list. However, ds5 has recently started attending an amazing alternative school over here which has completely turned him around...really don't want to undo that. We are most interested in a child-centred, project style school, purposeful active learning, influenced more by the Reggio Emilia aproach, individualised according to the children rather than subscribing to a fixed philosophy, eg., Steiner, Montessori.

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    Hi everyone, this is an old post, but it is the first info I found when I myself was looking to move to Port Macquarie and searching for alternative education options. There was a group which started up and had aims to found a school in the Wauchope area, although this unfortunately discontinued as far as I know in 2015. Therefore, a playgroup is now starting up with the long-term intention of gathering enough support to found a Steiner Primary School. First playgroup dure to begin at the end of this month. Email for more info, or look up the facebook group Steiner Playgroup Port Macquarie. There is also a Nature School in Port Macquarie, which is for 3-5 yr olds, and is also amazing, based on the Forest Schools from Europe. Look them up! They are less than a year old and going strong. They also have long term plans to found a primary school in the Hastings region. Great things on the horizon for the Hastings region!

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    Hi All, I am thinking of moving up to Port and looking into alt schooling. The nature School my son will go potty for! But now someone for my 6yr old who will be entering yr 1 in Jan. Any recommendations? Also, I am super interested in being involved with a school start-up, perhaps not strictly Steiner. Could anyone interested in talking more, particualrly the lady who posted below get in touch on Many thanks and see you up there

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Elections Saturday
I live in Kangaroo Valley now but my ‘residence’ is in the highlands. I have to come up to vote. Where do I go. Is it at the schools or the town hall?

  • Svk_small
    Hi Baedan, I guess we will let you back in but just for a quick vote, then off you go! The main schools and the town hall in Bowral are easiest for you then a quick coffee at Bradman Oval for old times sake!


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