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Fine Dining
I am coming up to Port for a weekend.  I want to take my wife out for dinner.  I’d like a quiet romantic place with a hearty winter menu and a good wine list.  Any recommendations.

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    Hi Simon, Michelin Star chef, Charlie Rushton, runs Coast Bar and Cafe. The menu is "modern Australian" with some intersting twists and the food is excellent and well-priced. If you are looking for a hearty winter meal, try the braised oxtail ... mmm mmm. The service can be a bit sullen but it can be hard to find good people ... Charlie usually works on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays, so book early if you want to try food by one of Australia's most decorated chefs. Fusion 7, on Horton St, also has a lovely "modern Australian" menu with favourites such as soft-shell crab, duck, atlantic salmon with some really interesting jus and accompaniments.  Make sure you have edamame as an appetiser ... I love the simplicity of it and a great way to get the appetite kicking along. Service is friendly. Ca Marche at Cassegrain is a lovely lunch venue and has some fabulous desserts. Scampi's (I have not been there but have heard excellent reviews), on the water at the marina has a fantastic seafood menu. I walked past there yesterday and there was a big sign in th window describing the most amazing seafood platter for two .... mmm.  

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National Tree Day
Nat Tree Day is on Sunday. Is there anything happening in the Highlands? Where do we go to get involved?

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    The site to find details of where tree planting areas are is ... If you go to the 'find a site' area at you will see that there is tree planting at ... Berry, Picton, Goulburn. Wollongong. Our family is off to plant trees in the morning at our local soccor field.  

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Fitch Fuel Catalyst
Who would like to have a permanent fuel price reduction of 10% for life. If yes call 42955949.Well after a month and no answers it becomes obvious nobody looks at this site,or everyone who drives is a millionair???

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    I can only speak for myself but I'm sure my thoughts mirror those of many other people in the community. What I've come to realise is if it sounds too good to be true it generally is, in fact I've personally never experienced an exception to this observation. If this device really worked why wouldn't all the car manufacturers fit them to new vehicles? Lets face it this would be a valuable marketing tool. Also I would expect Fleet Owners to be purchasing them by the truck load because their business is based around the most efficient vehicle operation possible. To date, as far as I am aware, neither of the previously mentioned groups has purchased this device in quantity. I am however looking forward to receiving news (and of course details which allow me to substantiate any claims) that prove my lack of belief to be totally unfounded. When I do receive this type of feedback I will be more than happy to make a purchase and will sing the praises of this remarkable invention. Until such time I will keep my hard earned money and hope that us normal vehicle driving millionaires are once again left in peace.

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    I have a landrover discovery 2000 what sort of results should I expect if I use your catalyst in it. Currently I have to mortgage my mother to pay for the fuel consumption.

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Landscape photography courses online?
Can anyone recommend a landscape photography course that includes critiques from a qualified professional that I can do online or by correspondence?

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    Ken Duncan is a respected landscape photographer.  He does workshops.  You'll find the details on his website

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    It may seem old fashioned but I think you can;t go past a good book and some photo magazines at you local library. Also, start taking lots of photos if you have digital camera, as all it costs is your time and very little money, unlike the film era of not so very long ago

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    I think Cengage have hose courses.  Also there is an Australian photographer than does pamoramas.  He's quite famous.  I am sure he does courses.

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Food in Katoomba
Can anyone recommend any good restaurants in Katoomba?

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    My top picks would be ... Darleys - Australian Cuisine Cafe Zuppa - Cafe Mes Amis - French Nick Nosh - Vegetarian Cafe Swiss Cottage - Swiss So take your pick and enjoy.  Eating at any of these places you will have a good meal.

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    I just went to Katoomba and had dinner at The Galley.  It was fantastic.  They serve authentic French food with a 2008 twist.  We were part of a big group and everyone enjoyed the dinner.  I had cassolet and it was amazing.  It's BYO so while the food is not cheap you can have a good value evening there.

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Can somebody please explain what the different massages are what they actually do when you get into the salon? I have wanted to have a massage for ages but I don’t know the difference between remedial , hot stone, swedish reiki etc. Does anyone know the diffrent effexct and why they are beneficial? Thanks

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    When you walk into the salon they will take you to your room and will explain what they want you to do ie: strip down to underwear and put on the robe or lay on the table and put the towel over yourself.  They will go out of the room while you are doing this and will knock before coming back in.  All good masseuses will then ensure your privacy all the way through and are very professional in ensuring you are comfortable.  List of types of massage techniques ... Chinese Massage – is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This massage therapy is closely related to Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Acupressure. Chinese Massage treatment creates movement and is therefore seen as a treatment for pain relief. It is almost always given on a couch or a stool. Connective Tissue Massage – this technique is connected to the Myofascial release technique, and does not involve the use of oil or lotion. It can relieve chronic tension, improve posture and relieve painful symptoms of chronic diseases such as Arthritis, Tendonitis, TMJ and Sciatica. Hot Stone Massage – aids the client to experience deep relaxation. The therapist places heated basalt stones on the body’s acupressure points. A series of Swedish Massage style techniques is used with the therapist holding smooth stones and applying essential oils to work away muscle tension. Deep Tissue Massage – focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It is designed to reach the deep sections of thick muscles, specifically the individual muscle fibres. Remedial Massage – works to heat muscles and tendons that are damaged, impaired or knotted. It holistically treats the whole body and traces the discomfort back to the original cause. It uses specialised techniques to support and speed up the body's own repair mechanisms. The massage is applied directly to the skin usually with an oil lubricant. Passive stretching moves are also employed. Shiatsu – is a traditional hands-on Japanese ‘healing therapy’ originating from the Japanese amma therapeutic massage. It is quite an intense form of massage whereby the therapist uses thumbs, elbows, forearms, feet and knees to apply pressure on the body. This is combined with stretches, joint rotations and joint manipulation to give an all-over treatment. Swedish Massage – is a system of long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration and shaking motions that apply pressure between muscles and bones, rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. Swedish Massage feels good, is relaxing and invigorating. Thai Massage – This is a more physical manipulation of the body using passive stretching and gentle pressure with the hands and feet. Allied with yoga stretching movements, this massage will help to adjust the skeletal structure, increase flexibility, relieve muscular and joint tension, stimulate internal organs and balance the body's energy system. The effect is both relaxing as well as energising. This type of massage is performed on a floor mat.

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Wineries to visit
Planning a trip to the Hunter Valley for the weekend in a couple of weeks.  Can’t visit all the wineries so any recommendations for good ones to visit because of the wine, scenery or restaurant if they have one.

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    One of my favourite wineries the last time I went to the Hunter was Keith Tulloch.  They have a nice bar area and actually bring the wine to your seat rather than forcing you to prop up the bar.  Not sure how busy it gets, and we didn't try their food, but let us know if you taste anything good.

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    Love the Hunter wineries and amongst our favourites, Tamburlaine has to rate pretty much at the top. But why not spread your wings a bit and head out our way to the Central Tablelands for some magnificent cool climate Aussie wines! Some of my personal favourites around the Orange region are Brangayne, Canobolas Smith and Bloodwood... but there are dozens of others! Come and try us out!

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    You must go to Petersons.  It's just fantastic.  Nice people run the place, it's a great location and they have fantastic wine.  Join their wine club as well.  It's the best value wine club in Australia.

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My boyfriend has  been asking me to get a brazilian wax and I have been thinking about it and was wondering how much does it hurt? how long does it take? will it be itchy when the hair grows back?  Has anyone had one and can let me know your experience.  Also any recommendations of the best place in Orange to get one.

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    Country Girl, Everyone's reaction to the braziilian is different, but in general the pain is minimal providing that the person doing your treatment is well trained. Approx time for the treatment is 20-30mins, and you'll find that the hair grows back softer rather the rough and itchy like shaving or hair removal creams. I'd recommend trying the team at Skinsational, centrepoint arcade in orange, the girls are friendly and always do a great job. GOODLUCK  

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    Thank you Jadeb for your resonse and recommendations.  I am going to go ahead and feel the breeze.

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Bulk bakers' flour?
Does anyone have a supplier for bakers’ flour in bulk amounts for sale to the public for making home made bread? Is there anywhere online you can order it and have it delivered?

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    Two places you can buy flour online are ... The only thing is not to buy too much in advance unless you are planning to bake big quantities otherwise you will be providing a haven for those little weavels.

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Romantic weekend
I’d love to bring my wife to the Souther Highlands for a romantic weekend.  I’m happy to spend around $150 per night.  Where should I stay and where should I eat?

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    Milton Park is still great for romantic escapes. I proposed to my wife there 19 years ago and we still love going back. Stroll through the gardens, enjoy the health spa and the restaurant is very good. It has a lot of history and charm. open fires, verandahs to lounge on as the day draws to an end and it is only a few minutes to Bowral for that bit of retail threapy. try it!

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    Satori Springs is another great (and new) place to bring your wife back for another highlands visit. The bunk house accommodation in The Cottage will cost $190 per night, but if you really want to impress your wife, it will cost you more than that. Private luxury rooms cost $295, but this includes a full cooked breakfast. The place is magnificent. I should know as I built it and live here with my wife. Go to our web site and check it out.

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    Satori Springs is another great (and new) place to bring your wife back for another highlands visit. The bunk house accommodation in The Cottage will cost $190 per night, but if you really want to impress your wife, it will cost you more than that. Private luxury rooms cost $295, but this includes a full cooked breakfast. The place is magnificent. I should know as I built it and live here with my wife. Go to our page on Our Patch or our web site and check it out.

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    Have a look at   "Idle a While" its a lovely guest house and is right near Morton Nat.Park its very much 1950s full of antiques and wonderful food.Steph. and Nev. treat everyone like family.Do try it.All the rooms are painted from Clarice Cliff insperation wonderful. Foe n exspencive meal you cannot beat the Primula Cafe!!Peter makes real Aussie hamburgers from meat from Andrew the Bundanoon butcher!! fish is fresh and good coffee.a


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