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What the best pizza place in Chatswood?

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    There is still not good pizza in Chatswood.  If you go to Willoughby you can go to The Italian.  It's on High Street.  Really good authentic italian.  

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Favourite Dish?
Find yourself ordering the same dish across town? What is your favourite dish and what Newcastle Restaurant has it perfected?

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New Thai Restaurant in Shellharbour?
Hi there, I’m a new member. I was wondering if anyone knew the phone number of the new Thai Restaurant in Shellharbour Village? I’d love to go try it out. It’s on the street off Addison Street and the restaurant was formerly La Marina. I drove by the other week and noticed a new Thai restaurant was there. If anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated!

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    I don't know Shellharbour but is this is it If not and you find it please let us know. I'll make sure it gets added. If it's good please let eveyone know with a review

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Romantic dining
I am coming to Wagga for a weekend with my wife.  Where do local go for a quiet romantic place to eat.  Not too expensive and I don’t mind the style of food.  

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hello I am getting married next year

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    How can we help?

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Romantic dining
My wife and I are doing a roadtrip.  We plan on spending a night in Coffs Harbour.  Any suggestions from a local on a nice romantic place to eat and to stay.  A lot of the dining and accommodation seems to be family orientated.  We want a romantic stay and a dinner in a quiet environment.

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    Simon If you could afford the luxury of a detour, it is about an hour off Pacific Highway, the turnoff is just prior to Coffs, I would suggest Misty's in Dorrigo. They also do accommodation with just the one facility. The food at the restaurant is to die for plus the experience is very intimate. You can take the " back " road then to Grafton, depending on the overall nature / goal of your trip. If it must be Coffs, the restaurant at the Bonville Golf Course is great. Accommodation, I don't know about romantic but the Quality Inn is clean, the Novotel Resort is good plus they have a great nine hole golf course if that is your poison. Or plenty of National Parks, a tent, the stars, a prawn on the barbie, a bottle of cab merlot.....

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Fine Dining
I am coming up to Port for a weekend.  I want to take my wife out for dinner.  I’d like a quiet romantic place with a hearty winter menu and a good wine list.  Any recommendations.

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    Hi Simon, Michelin Star chef, Charlie Rushton, runs Coast Bar and Cafe. The menu is "modern Australian" with some intersting twists and the food is excellent and well-priced. If you are looking for a hearty winter meal, try the braised oxtail ... mmm mmm. The service can be a bit sullen but it can be hard to find good people ... Charlie usually works on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays, so book early if you want to try food by one of Australia's most decorated chefs. Fusion 7, on Horton St, also has a lovely "modern Australian" menu with favourites such as soft-shell crab, duck, atlantic salmon with some really interesting jus and accompaniments.  Make sure you have edamame as an appetiser ... I love the simplicity of it and a great way to get the appetite kicking along. Service is friendly. Ca Marche at Cassegrain is a lovely lunch venue and has some fabulous desserts. Scampi's (I have not been there but have heard excellent reviews), on the water at the marina has a fantastic seafood menu. I walked past there yesterday and there was a big sign in th window describing the most amazing seafood platter for two .... mmm.  

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Food in Katoomba
Can anyone recommend any good restaurants in Katoomba?

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    My top picks would be ... Darleys - Australian Cuisine Cafe Zuppa - Cafe Mes Amis - French Nick Nosh - Vegetarian Cafe Swiss Cottage - Swiss So take your pick and enjoy.  Eating at any of these places you will have a good meal.

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    I just went to Katoomba and had dinner at The Galley.  It was fantastic.  They serve authentic French food with a 2008 twist.  We were part of a big group and everyone enjoyed the dinner.  I had cassolet and it was amazing.  It's BYO so while the food is not cheap you can have a good value evening there.

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Fish and chips
Dos anyone know the name of the nice fish and chip place in town. It's really nicely done with black and red tiles and nice fresh fish. 


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