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Walking trip - Coffs Hinterland
I am planning a walking trip through the Coffs/Dorego Hinterland.  There is that world heritage park there.  Has anyone done it?  and can anyone suggest where is would go for the equipment for the trip.  Also could someone suggest the right boots for a trip like that.  We’re planning 20kms per day. 

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    It was debated many years ago before they decided on Canberra, to make Dorrigo the capital of Australia. The walking tracks are not too bad anywhere here BUT, we get at times one hell of a lot of rain. Depending on when you do it always factor that in and if the weather is warmer, leech proof yourself. In Dorrigo itself, there is the Sky walk, an in the treetops walk. This also has some nice tracks that would be a good primer. They also do night tours to see the wildlife. Dangar Falls are 5 minutes out of Dorrigo too.


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