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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I put my business on the internet?

Many people now use Internet search, mainly Google, to find a local business. Often this search uses very local terms – eg “tractor service Shepparton”. If you don’t appear in the search results you are missing out on those customers who are looking for your services.

Why OurPatch?

The aim of OurPatch is to help businesses in regional Australia find customers.  We recognise that small, local business is the lifeblood of every regional community. We have a network of sites across Australia which attract around 100,000 visitors a month. With OurPatch there is no need to have your own website! We take care of the hard stuff and let you simply add your content.

Why do you focus on regional Australia?

For a start we all enjoy spending time in regional Australia and want to improve Internet services outside the major cities. We are doing this by providing a free community directory, forums, blogs, and events calendar. With the broad reach of the internet it is the perfect medium for business in regional Australia.

Can I update my own content?

Absolutely. You can update the content and look of your page at any time. We provide you with a login for managing your page.

Does OurPatch provide a website or a webpage?

An OurPatch premium listing has all the benefits of a website but is contained on just one webpage. You can add as much content to this page as you like, including vouchers and documents.

Do I need to be a designer or developer to update my listing?

No you don’t. We provide several templates for you to choose from and everything on your listing can be updated using our simple online tools.

Will an OurPatch premium listing help my business be found in Google?

OurPatch has been designed to rank well in Google, and we’re happy to provide specific advice for your business. With your good content we’re confident that we can get your listing on the first page of Google search results.

I already have a website. Will an OurPatch premium listing be useful for me?

Yes, an OurPatch listing complements your existing website and adds to your web presence. We also find that many websites are not found easily online. OurPatch helps your existing website to be discovered by new users.

Can I link it to my website?

Yes, we let you to link to your own website from a premium listing. OurPatch can help increase traffic to your own website.

Are there any hidden charges or contracts?

We charge $240 a year (incl $21.82 GST) for a premium listing. Cancel at any time without additional charge.

What payments do you accept?

We’re happy to take Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Can I use my own domain name with OurPatch?

We’re happy for you to redirect your domain name to your OurPatch listing. Contact us for more information.

How do I put a document, such as a menu, on to my listing?

You can display a document within an OurPatch premium listing by uploading any Microsoft Office document or PDF. This will be converted and displayed within your listing. Look at this premium page for an example of how it works.

Can I upload photos to my listing?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of photos you can upload.

Who is behind the OurPatch website?

Our Managing Director, Simon Van Wyk, and Technical Director, Patrick Cusack, co-founded Hothouse, a web design and services business, in 1994. Their combined experience includes web development, community building and marketing strategy for clients such as i7/Olympics 2000, Toyota Australia, HCF and many more.

Need help?

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