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Making sushi

I want to learn to make sushi... I crave it quite regularly and I'm tired of spending a fortune on buying it. It looks really hard - is it as difficult as it looks? I'm not very good at cooking rice, I usually either under or over-cook it. If you know how, I'd love some pointers. Cheers!

Published: Aug 26, 2008 5:40pm by philippa.

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  • Sushi-making made easy

    its not too hard - you just need a sushi making kit, which these days you can even buy in Coles! The secret is in cooling the rice and using the right kind. Buy the sushi rice in the supermarket and follow the instructions to cook. When it is cooked, put it in a large bowl, add the vinegar and sugar and beat it really quickly to cool it down. The Japanese often do this in front of a fan or something similar. It makes it nice and sticky. When making the sushi, make sure you put the seaweed the right side dwon (see packt) and keep a bowl of warm water nearby. Keep your hands damps to stop it sticking too much. Rolling the sushi can be a bit tricky but you will get it - just do a few practice runs and you will work out how tight you need to pack it and where to place the rice and how much. The first few times I did I packed way to much in, but you get it. Another thing you can do is make onagiri - rice balls! Just take your favourite filling, cover it in rice and shape it into a ball. Roll this in bonito or seaweed flakes, or even your favourite dukkah! Yummo, without all the hassle of sushi. You can buy bonito (fish flakes) at specialty Asian food stores as well as Woolies and COles (in the Asian food aisle) Hope that helps ....

    Published: Aug 27, 2008 9:50am by monstar

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  • Sushi goddess

    Hi there I also love sushi and after about three sessions of trying to make it and everytime it being a disaster I decided to look to see if there was any workshops or courses on it. Lo and behold I found this one. Sushi Making Course on This is in NSW and am not sure where you are so maybe Google it but here is basically what I learned... It's all about the best quality ingredients. I was using seaweed sheets that had been open in my cupboard for months. That doesn't cut it, you have to invest in good quality sushi rice, mirin and seaweed and ensure they are all fresh. Rice is best when cooked in a rice cooker (the best thing in my kitchen)but the most important thing is wait for it to cool down before seasoning it. And not be impatient. The rest unfortunatly is rolling technique and it is so much better when you learn from a pro. Hope that helps a bit.

    Published: Aug 26, 2008 6:30pm by jomar


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