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Kalamunda Dog Grooming

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your doggy day spa in the hills

Tanya has over 20 years experience as a groomer and veterinary nurse this ensures your pet is in great hands.

Along with the use of top quality natural shampoos and rinses your special companion will receive a FREE PAWDICURE (nail trim with optional colour) and full ear flush and eye clean. Anal gland express is available on request.

We are a small business dedicated to providing the highest service
for your furry friend. By focusing on the unique needs of each
individual client, we can provide not only a handsome new look but
also a pampering experience for your most deserving companion.

We are proud of our exceptional attention to detail and the
professional treatment each of our clients and their four-legged
friends always receive.

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    Tanya accepts all breeds and personalites offering any grooming/styling for your pooch, also available is:








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    Flea Season


    Fleas can be a pet owners worst nightmare. They spread rapidly throughout your house and backyard. Once they are in your carpets they will continue to breed all year round. Kalamunda dog grooming uses natural based fleas rinses, which is your first step in eliminating fleas from your dog. A monthly reputable flea control is the second line of attack in controlling them forever.

    Ask Tanya which program would best suit your pet.

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    KDG 5 Star

    KDG 5 Star fully air conditioned pet care/grooming salon in the KALAMUNDA AREA catering for all small medium and large breed furry.

    Pets are bathed in a heated twin tank top of the range Hydobath. This means that the water is a perfect bath temperature all the time, that the jets penetrate the hair for a brilliant right to the skin clean and massaged to remove all dead hair and debride. Shampoo is massaged in by hand, flushed through with the hydro jets and then rinsed off with clean water water so no irritation occurs from shampoo residue.

     Leave in conditioner is applied to most coats and a selection of colognes to leave smelling irrisitable.

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    Ear Care

    As part of your day spa treatment your pet will have their ears examined, plucked, flushed and cleaned. Dogs ears need to have air ventolation to stay clear of bacteria. Unfortunatly most of our furry friends have ears that lay flat, blocking air flow. We can help however by keeping the canals free of excess hair and cleaning away any dirt and debride that accumulates from many garden games.


    A healthy ear is pink and cool or slightly warm to touch, with no discharge.

    The signs of an ear problem are hot ears, red skin, peeling skin, dark discharge, shaking, scratching or rubbing ears. If you find any of these symptoms you must take your pet to a veterinarian.

    Prolonged and ongoing ear infections can result in hearing loss, aural haematomas ( blood blister in the ear flap), or even the canals becoming so irritated and inflammed that the only alternative is to have an aural resection. This is a costly procedure that has a long recovery time.


    So to save your pet discomfort keep on top of ear problems at home and never try to fix yourself by applying over the counter drops and cleaners, your pet may have a grass seed or other foreign body in his ear. Take him to the vet and save yourself money in the future.


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    Nail Care

    Nails are trimmed and filed free with all dog clips.


    Nails should be checked reguarly and trimmed in line with the base of the pads. Particular care should be taken with the dew claws sometimes found on the fore and hind legs. Because these nails do no touch the ground they do no wear down naturally so the must always be clipped short. They will continue to grow and will become ingrown into the pad if not kept in check.

  • Dog1_small

    Schnauzers Are So Special

  • Dog2_small

    Otto and Gracie

  • Dog4_small

    A Bichon on looking like a Bichon

  • Before__after_small

    Shihtzu X Maltese, Before & After

  • Dog_grooming_078-1_small

    Arthur the Bichon Frise

  • Dog_grooming_096_small

    Misty the Shitzu Cross

  • Dog_grooming_113_small

    Jaffa the Miniature Poodle in Dutch clip

  • Dog_grooming_118_small
  • Dog_grooming_131_small

    Maltese Cross

  • Dog_grooming_130_small

    Maltese Cross with West Hilang Terrier Cross

  • Dog_grooming_011-2_small


  • Dog_grooming_138_small

    Precious The Maltese

  • Dog_grooming_161_small

    Precious The Maltese After The Make Over

  • Dog_grooming_162_small

    Stewart A Westy

    After a fantastic weekend in the garden

  • Dog_grooming_164_small

    Stewart After an Hour with KDG

  • Bichon_frise_small

    Bichon Frise

  • Picture_004_small

    Someone's had some fun!

  • Picture_005_small

    Now we are Huggable

  • Picture_019_small
  • Picture_010_small

    Miniature Poodle

    This is a miniature male poodle who wanted a more manly clip so opted for a stylish mohawk.

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  • Picture_021_small
  • Picture_038_small

Kalamunda Dog Grooming

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