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The catagories they have to choose from here really are inadequate, really bad. Who thought this up? Of all places to have to display articles regarding recreation!?!?!?


This past weekend I decided to make myself a crooked knife. The crooked knife gets its name from its crooked handle, not the blade. This tool is a one handed draw knife used in the New World extensively in the 18th century by woodland Indians and woodsmen and woods women.

The crooked knife was used to make such common items as canoes, paddles, wooden cups and bowles, spoons, lacross sticks, war clubs, bows, tomahawk and hatchet helves and anything else that needed fine cutting and carving.

You can find more information on crook knives and how I made mine in about 3 hours on my Blog at:



"Fryday 8th we breakfasted at Casseys and Rode down to Vanmetris's to get all our company together which when we had accomplished we Rode down below ye. Trough in order to Lay of Lots there we laid of one this day The Trough is a couple of Ledges of Mountain Impassable running side and side together for above 7 or 8 Miles and ye River down between them you must Ride Round ye back of ye. Mountain for to get below them we Camped this Night in ye Woods near a Wild Meadow where was a Large Stack of Hay after we had Pitched our Tent and made a very Large Fire we pull'd out our Knapsack in order to Recruit ourselves every one was his own Cook our spits was Forked Sticks our Plates was a Large Chip as for Dishes we had none"


"Saturday 26 Travelld up ye Creek to Solomon Hedges Esqr one of his Majestys Justices of ye. Peace for ye county of Frederick where we camped when we came to Supper there was neither a Cloth upon ye Table nor a knife to eat with but as good luck would have it we had knives of our own."


George Washington 1748. (age of 16).

(Photo curtesy of


Well summer is here and trekking season is over for a while. This gives me a chance to organise more primitive skills workshops.

Last Sunday workshop was on self-bow bow making, we are fortunate to have our own bowyer in our living history group. Skills workshops are held at Elm Cottage in Wychwood Forest near Armidale.


Cree Hunters Of Mistassini. Great movie, well worth watching.

Published: Dec 2, 2009 1:28pm by Le-Loup.

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