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Add an Image
Please advise how I can add my own image instead of the shopping cart on my listing

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Where to buy online dresses?
Where to buy online dresses?

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New England NSW Survey
If you have the time, could you please fill in this survey? Thank you. Regards, Keith.

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What is the best way to find new members for our not-for-profit-group that is free of cost?

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    Usually with anything like that which is community based it's always good to look to the community for things like Recruitment. There maybe a few ways about going about it, council maybe able to assist in that it could send out through Local Newspapers or on their website, however I feel websites aren't the best approach because people who want to help may not necessarily have access to a computer or look on the Internet for that kind of information. There are also some other websites which I believe deal specifically in Recruiting Volunteers, though unfortunately I don't have any websites to suggest. I think there are a couple. Another thought again with the council is having your advertisement on a community board so that people can see what's happening in your community. I hope it helps!


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