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New England Colonial Living History Group, 1680-1760.

18th century Living History Group.

18th century Living History 1680-1760. Historical Trekking & Camping, Primitive Wilderness Survival Skills, period living skills.We cover such a wide variety of activities, skills and interests that there is something for everyone. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE.We meet on the first Sunday of each month at Wychwood Forest, off the old Armidale road not far from Guyra. Historical Trekking & Camping is usually organised to start on the Friday or Saturday.

Please contact us for more  information.

WHAT IS LIVING HISTORY? © Keith H. Burgess.Living History is the re-creation of another time period in the present. It is more than a fancy-dress costume party, somewhat more than experimental archaeology, and more than camping in primitive shelter on Historical Treks. Living History is a subculture in which participants immerse themselves. Living Historians re-create many different eras. You might have heard of folks who re-create the American Civil War, the American War of Independence. There are others who re-create eras as diverse as the Great War, the Roman Empire, World War II and the English Civil War. The New England Colonial Living History Group attempt to recreate the lifestyle of the early to mid 18th century colonial settler in the New World from 1700-1760. We try to make history exciting. We are all serious about the history…but we aren't going to let that stand in the way of having a good time! 

In living history, you can find friendship, camaraderie and much more. Many long-lasting friendships, relationships and even marriages have started in living history. Living history is parties and arts, period sports, Historical Trekking and camping, primitive skills…and much more. And living history is—like it or not, believe it or not—educational.

We honestly feel that the best way to learn is through doing. We may make mistakes—all historians do—and there are certain areas in which we excel and certain areas in which we fall short—but we try to resolve that. And we hope that if you are also a serious student of history—or just interested in one portion of the big picture—that you will join us. Explore the past with us. I'm willing to bet that you will find it fun. And satisfying. And if you don't watch out, you might learn a thing or two along the way!

 (Original wording courtesy & copyright Folump Enterprises. Edited by Keith H. Burgess).

 Phone: 67 755 292. Mail: Mr Keith Burgess, MSF 2007, Armidale 2350.

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