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Is Your Family Protected?

<p>Have you ever seriously asked yourself the following questions?<br />What would happen if you were ill or injured and unable to work?<br />What would happen to YOU, your LOVED ONES, or your BUSINESS?</p> <p><br />More importantly have you ever honestly taken the time to answer the above questions!<br />Who would pay the rent or mortgage? Could you afford the best medical treatment? Could you still give<br />your children the life and education you had planned for them? Even in the short term, who would pay the<br />mounting bills?</p> <p><br />Unfortunately these unexpected things do happen and they are more common we realise:<br />&middot; More than 50% of Australians over 30 will suffer a major illness that can lead to long-term<br />disability and long-term loss of income.<br />&middot; More than 85,000 new cases of cancers are being diagnosed in Australia each year<br />&middot; There are over 28,000 hospital admissions in Australia for heart attacks each year<br />There are strategies you can use to minimise your financial risk. In many cases these are tax deductible<br />and cost effective measures that will give you long term security and peace of mind.</p> <p><br />If you&rsquo;ve worked hard to accumulate savings and security for you and your family, you can make sure these are not jeopardised. Protecting your wealth and your future is what Morse Financial Services is all about!<br />Please contact us to make a time to meet with the Morse Group's Risk Specialist, Paul Toshack. It&rsquo;s a no obligation, free consultation that could very well secure your family&rsquo;s future financial wellbeing.</p>

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