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Store The Mower Inside

Now, during the months that you use your mower a lot, you’ll most likely be storing it in a shaded or sheltered area outdoors. This is fine because during summer there’s little damage from rain and other weather expected during that time. But when it comes to winter time, you’ll need to stop things from cracking in the sun like the engine covers and the seats.

Apart from sun damage and cracking, your second enemy is moisture and rain. Getting your mower wet for long periods of time is going to cause rust to spread and mould to build up inside seats.

So, with those issues in the spotlight, your best and the most recommended option is to store the mower indoors. That can either mean in your garage, or a weatherproof garden shed. This way you’re not really losing any space when you store your mower.


Sort out the Fuel

When storing a lawn mower for a long period of time, one of the biggest issues you’ll be facing is your fuel going old and breaking down inside the tank. That means that the carburettor is going to fill with clumps of hardened fuel and in the end, could ruin the entire engine. Another major repair expense.

There are a few ways you can go about sorting out the fuel in your mower before storage, and the simplest option is to just run the engine and tank dry before storing it. This way you won’t have anything even in the tank to go stagnant. Something else to stray from with regards to fuel is ethanol, for a few reasons that we won’t get into here.

Another way you can make sure your fuel stays safe and usable during storage is to get specialised lawn mower fuel from a mower store. This way you can be sure that the fuel won’t break down and go clumpy and damaging during storage. Ethanol-free fuel is also another great option for long-term storage too.


Clean Off Grass Clippings

If you’ve ever looked under your mower, or any mower, at the deck that shields the blades and noticed that there’s rust everywhere and it’s all beginning to fall apart, then you’re seeing the aftermath of uncleaned grass clippings.

The first thing to remember is that over a period of time, grass clippings turn acidic and literally eat away the paint and then the metal of the deck. If the rust gets too severe you won’t be able to even use the mower safely, so make sure that you clean off all the grass before storing it for winter.

The easiest way to clean grass clippings from the mower isn’t with water either! Using water makes the clippings all clumpy and just makes a mess. Compressed air is a far better solution and you won’t need to clean up all the wet mess from the clippings and water.


Keep Air in the Tyres

Over time any type of vehicle tyres will reduce in pressure, whether it be a car, truck or mower. This is an issue for storage because when a tyre deflates it’ll just be sitting on the rim on the floor - and if water happens to seep in, the rim will start to rust.

The fix for this one is easy, just make sure that your tyres are completely filled to capacity before you store the mower and it should be fine to sit and wait during winter.


Keep Your Battery Charged

When you store a lawn mower for a long time, there’s no way that the battery can charge itself as the engine isn’t running. So over time, it’ll begin to drain or drain completely. Doing this to a battery majorly reduces its lifespan and makes it far more likely to fail in the future, forcing you to buy a new one.

The only surefire way to make sure that the battery stays healthy for the months you’re not using the mower is to disconnect it or go out and charge the battery in the shed or buy a solar battery tender to keep it ‘alive’ while it’s not in use.

Published: 8 months ago by clairea.

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